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About the event

PartnerLinQ, by Visionet Systems, will be participating in the Gartner® Supply Chain Symposium/Xpo™ 2022.

The event is scheduled to take place at the Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort in Orlando Florida from June 6 to June 8, 2022.

WD Dolphin Resort

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Unified Digital Connectivity of the Future.

PartnerLinQ puts you in complete control of your supply chain connectivity by delivering end-to-end visibility, control, and limitless flexibility.


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*Actual range between 30% to 500%
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*Actual range between 25% to 50%
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Presentation Session

Session Information:
Session Code: TH1
Day/Date: Monday, June 6 2022
Time: 12:15
Length: 20 Minutes
Room: Supply Chain Xpo Stage 1 Atlantic Hall
Topic: How to keep a growing supply chain in check?
About the session:
Supply chain is a vital function in an increasingly digital economy, but an alarming number of businesses can’t keep up with the growing supply chain challenges. For many supply chain professionals, integration isn’t only a complexity: it’s their greatest complexity. This session will help identify and understand growing supply chain challenges while outlining effective and proven strategies that can help any business keep their growing supply chain in check while providing end-to-end visibility and complete control.
Ahmed Samnan
Vice President - Head of Product Engineering and Strategy at PartnerLinQ by Visionet
About the speaker:
Ahmed Samnan is the Vice President - Head of Product Engineering and Strategy at PartnerLinQ by Visionet. Ahmed possesses over two decades of experience in architecture, design, development, and implementation of various Web, EAI, and Mobile Applications for large enterprise systems in many international corporations. Ahmed is a respected and celebrated thought leader and has published articles on the global supply chain topic.

Roundtable Session

Session Information:
Session code: VUR6
Day/Date: Tuesday, June 7 2022
Time: 11:15
Length: 45 Minutes
Room: Europe 3
Topic: Achieving complete visibility of a supply chain
About the session:
Because of major global supply chain disruptions, having complete visibility of their supply chain has become an urgent requirement for businesses around the world. Supply chain experts are still constrained by unresponsive, inflexible systems and a lack of visibility into supplier data. This session will help identify and understand supply chain issues while outlining effective and proven strategies for achieving complete visibility.
Deepak Das
Senior Vice President – Digital Transformation at Visionet
About the speaker:
Deepak Das is the Senior Vice President – Digital Transformation at Visionet. As a trusted advisor to Global Billion Dollar Marquee Brands across industries including Lifestyle, Retail, Digital Commerce, Supply Chain etc., Deepak brings his experience to help business leaders & IT executives leverage new digital technologies by bringing a 360-degree view of data in the enterprise that cover customers, platforms, value chains, vendors, & other touch points. He brings over 3 decades of experience in commercialization of innovation, value chain analysis, business dev & strategic partnerships. 

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